Scientific research as a means of professional upgrading


Scientific research as a means of professional upgrading

La investigación científica como vía de superación profesional


Violeta Robles Mirabal1*
Catalina Adelina Serrano Díaz1
Tania Barrios Rodríguez1
Daisy Mireya González Ortega1


1Matanzas University of Medical Sciences. Cuba.


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Postgraduate education increases the quality of comprehensive education and promotes the permanent education of university graduates, guarantees professional upgrading and academic training. The courses, workshops, trainings, diploma courses, seminars and specialized conferences are ways of professional upgrading but they are not the only ways to increase or update knowledge; scientific research as a means of searching for etiology and new solutions to health problems is another way. The capacity and / or ability to investigate increase the intellect and the stock of scientific knowledge, which favors offering a totally holistic attention to the population. The objective of the authors is to highlight the importance of scientific research as a means of professional upgrading.

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La educación posgraduada eleva la calidad en la formación integral y promueve la educación permanente de los egresados universitarios, garantiza la superación profesional y la formación académica. Los cursos, talleres, entrenamientos, diplomados, seminarios y conferencias especializadas son formas de superación profesional pero no son las únicas vías para aumentar o actualizar los conocimientos; la investigación científica como medio de búsqueda de etiología y nuevas soluciones a los problemas de salud, constituye otra forma. La capacidad y/o habilidad de investigar aumentan el intelecto y el acervo del conocimiento científico, lo cual propicia ofrecer una atención totalmente holística a la población. Es objetivo de los autores destacar la importancia de la investigación científica como vía de superación profesional.

DeSC: educación de posgrado, conocimiento, investigación en servicios de salud, investigación biomédica, educación médica.



Submitted: 05/04/2018
Accepted: 21/01/2019



Contributing to improving health and well-being of the Cuban population depends to a large extent on post-graduate education. It raises the quality of comprehensive education and promotes the permanent education of university graduates, emphasizes collective learning, academic networking, the development of research, the use of technology and comprehensive general culture in search of a high professional and innovative competence. It is a guarantee of professional upgrading and academic training.(1) At a professional level, it can be understood as the expiration of an obstacle or difficulty, the improvement that takes place in the activity carried out, and in the personal it is concreted in an improvement appreciated in the qualities and human values. (2)

The professional upgrading as one of the subsystems of the postgraduate, reaches relevance to the extent that is oriented to the solution of problems related to the updating and professionalization of human capital, in order to promote the permanent improvement of man in society, who seeks his own development in its area of performance.(3)

Courses, workshops, training sessions, diploma courses, seminars and specialized lectures are ways of professional development that are planned depending on the insufficiencies of each institution and the learning needs of professionals, but they are not the only ways to increase or update knowledge and solve the problems that arise in daily practice; scientific research as a way of finding etiology and new solutions is another way, hence during the research process, the scientist is updating and expanding its knowledge regarding the object of study, so it cannot be seen as an isolated entity, but as part of the process of professional upgrading. For this reason, the authors of this research paper set themselves the objective of highlighting the importance of scientific research as a means of professional upgrading.

Research as a substantive function of the university in the 21st century has the mission of solving the pressing problems that threaten the local, regional and global context through the generation and dissemination of knowledge; it is a contextualized process, it is researched to transform the reality and with it contribute to the improvement of the quality of life in the human beings, of the services and the medical attention, for which it constitutes a valuable means to reach any transformation in the professional, social and economic fields.(4,5,6)

The function of research is not only to create scientific knowledge but to apply it to the benefit of the entire community. Science must comply with this social function; the researcher has the inescapable commitment to put scientific evidence at the service of all human beings in practice; knowledge must move from the field of the abstract to the concrete, thus acquires an instrumental quality that is applied to improve living conditions in relation to health.(7)

What are the ways to develop scientific research? There are many, among them: national and international scientific events, student scientific conferences, forums for science and technology, case discussions, advising and / or tutoring specialty, masters, doctorates´ theses and scientific publications.

It is not conceived a professional who does not look for alternatives for its upgrading and does not put its knowledge in favor of the community; It must exhaust the resources at its disposal and be committed to the necessities of current demands. It is a challenge to be assumed by those of the health branch to insert themselves in those postgraduate activities that are offered in their universities or institutions, besides dedicating the necessary time for their self-preparation also using information and communication technologies, where updated scientific results are exposed on various topics and different bibliographies that can be consulted for scientific productivity.

The authors agree with Román Collazo et al.(4) when they state that a decisive variable in researching successes are scientific- researching skills or researching competences. With their mastery, health professionals will be prepared to venture into the researching field of and thus increase their intellect, the stock of scientific knowledge, and therefore, offer a totally holistic attention to the population.



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