MD. Ricardo Jorge Oropesa: excelent leader, incomparable professor and a friend indeed


MD. Ricardo Jorge Oropesa: excelent leader, incomparable professor and a friend indeed


Dr. Ricardo Jorge Oropesa: excelente jefe, maestro incomparable y amigo siempre



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Medical education in Cuba has a remarkable history carried out by physicians who are paradigms for their significant contribution to science and medical education. In the life and work of each is a contribution to the development of public health in the country; such is the case of MD. Ricardo Jorge Oropesa as the main driver of this teaching in the central region, whoever was the first to teach a class at the School of Medicine of Las Villas, followed by the rest of the founders, as referred to in this work. The purpose of this research paper written by one of his coworkers is to enhance his qualities as a leader, teacher and friend. His work helped lay the foundation for the future development of medical education in the central region of Cuba.

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La docencia médica en Cuba tiene una notable historia realizada por galenos que constituyen paradigmas por su aporte significativo a las ciencias y la educación médicas. En la vida y obra de cada uno hay una contribución al desarrollo de la salud pública en el país; tal es el caso del Dr. Ricardo Jorge Oropesa como principal impulsor de esta enseñanza en la región central, quien fue el primero en impartir una clase en la Escuela de Medicina de Las Villas, seguido por el resto de los fundadores, como se refiere en este trabajo. El objetivo de la presente comunicación redactada por una de sus compañeras de trabajo es realzar sus cualidades como jefe, maestro y amigo. Su labor contribuyó a sentar las bases para el futuro desarrollo de la educación médica en la región central de Cuba.

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On November 22 it was imparted in the newly opened School of Medicine of the central region the first class, MD. Ricardo Jorge Oropesa who also acted as coordinator of teaching. In an interview with the distinguished teacher, he said: "I was the first professor to teach the initial group of students. I remember it as if it were today: it was on Propedeutics generalities. In my life I had never taught a lesson, only I had some experience I knew nothing on Pedagogy just rudiments. But that was no obstacle: the question was to teach and transmit knowledge to students, and above all, to show that it was possible to train highly qualified doctors in the Cuban central region".1,2

His many experiences are certainties in those who shared his working live; he reached all with his honest wisdom his leadership as head and the warmth of human relationships. Left as a sign of his mark by this University of Medical Sciences of Villa Clara, this personal research paper drafted by Professor Delia Eugenia Sosa Morales, advisor of Education, who had the opportunity to enrich her working years by the side of such a distinguished professor:

Today, that sometimes walk stroll the joys I remember you to continue. He placed in me the love of the greatness of the work we built, I learned to penetrate in this scene of the medical sciences, although I was not trained in it, I feel that I belong, thank you.

Dear Friend: memories will never be forgotten in this small place where I worked many years and where we shared reflections and analysis of our working life which was always very complex.

Now comes to my mind his stories when he was in Nicaragua, some humorous and others of great professional importance, so that he was awarded the title of Professor of Merit of the University of León.

He passed on me his strong sense of duty, his fidelity to MD. Serafin Ruiz de Zarate Ruiz, his sense of belonging to this center and for the pleasure of fighting for life, truth, justice and love for humanity.

I always remember that while being demanding, his manners were jovial and how pleasant it was to work by his side. I recall his jokes with Virginia and Mery, Maricela scares, our complicity when we wanted to destroy papers, Maritza as excellent secretary, wanted to keep; his cultural and historical hot debates with Ph. D. Edgar Francisco Romero and the beautiful stories of his first students, like Carmen, who kept her test of Internal Medicine as a very precious treasure; attitude that encouraged further vocation for the profession I chose.

I recall the recognition they did when he was appointed to belong to the commission created by Fidel to improve medical education and its journey around the country accompanied by outstanding professionals like him. An already experienced in teaching and concern for reducing a many pages report to a few.

A few days remain to be fulfilled 50 years of his first class; year by year I look back on his pride in the proximity of this date; as a great dreamer, but as a good fighter was imposed on pedagogical limitations with good preparation, and managed to share his knowledge with perfection. No doubt. He was always a dreamer and a great fighter for the work begun. His efforts to decentralize medical education to other territories bewitched us and his followers lovers fight with you in this great and noble task.

Under this Villa Clara's sky with deep love and heartfelt sorrows enlarges his work. I regret not watching it grow every day by his sudden departure of our lives; but inspiration emanating from his everlasting memory makes us live and fight.

You have always been present in every mission; every word and I keep my hope to be someday like you: excellent leader, incomparable teacher and a friend indeed.

His eternal disciple, Delita.



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