About: Guidance for student self-preparation in the Otorhinolaryngology subject

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About: Guidance for student self-preparation in the Otorhinolaryngology subject

A propósito de: Orientación para la autopreparación del estudiante en la asignatura Otorrinolaringología


Laura Adalys Guillen León1* https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6224-667X
Carlos Miguel Campos Sánchez1 https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1861-2991


1 Villa Clara University of Medical Sciences. Medical student. Villa Clara. Cuba.


* Corresponding author. Email: lauraguillen@nauta.cu



Submitted: 25/08/2022
Accepted: 22/02/2023



To the editor:

After analyzing the results presented in the article: "Guidance for student self-preparation in the Otorhinolaryngology subject in the fifth year of Medicine",( 1) the authors, as students, intend to present their points of view about one of the aspects of the article: the insufficiency and updating of the basic bibliography of the subject.

The text entitled "Otorhinolaryngology"(2) is from 2004 so it is not updated, although there is a complementary material aid that aims to improve the preparation of students, it was prepared by the teaching staff of the subject; such material is not recognized in the course program as study material.

In addition, the text is unattractive to the students, not only because of its longevity, but also because of the poor quality of its visual content, which leads to the fact that they barely read and consult it; Most of them prefer to study for the exams of the subject by summaries of previous years or carry out several searches of the different topics on the Internet, this last aspect that constitutes a double-edged sword because not always all the articles that are read on such platform constitute true scientific information.

Additionally, students prefer texts with essential content and reviewed by the same professors who teach the classes; The rest of the information, more specific or deep, can be obtained from scientific articles.(3)

The authors consider that the training system for medical sciences professionals in Cuba has earned prestige on issues like this, regarding the basic literature of a discipline or subject, must be resolved considering the scientific quality and wisdom of the professionals in this specialty in the institutions and the existence of a publishing house such as that of Medical Sciences (ECIMED).

It is considered that the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) and in particular, the teaching direction, should look for alternatives to this problem and work as soon as possible on the preparation of a new Otorhinolaryngology book that fits the program of the subject or at least, update the existing one.



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Search for bibliographic information, writing and review of the final report: Laura Adalys Guillen León and Carlos Miguel Campos Sánchez.

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